What Do You Get?

1. LIVE monthly group Zoom call w/ Torah Bontrager

2. LIVE monthly group virtual co-working hours via Zoom w/ Torah

Here's how it works:


On usually the last Monday of each month, I host a live group Zoom call. 

  • Topics that could be included are Amish culture, Q&As, clips from films or documentaries to discuss, book discussions about Amish or related issues, entrepreneurship, education, etc.

  • There's ample time dedicated to answering your questions and having group discussions.


At random times throughout the month, I invite you to join me at my virtual office via Zoom. 

  • We work with mics off and people drop in and out as they wish, just like you would for an offline co-working space. You can chat via text in the chat box, but no talking, like a library environment.

    We're more productive when we're in the presence of other people who are also working.

  • The idea is to simulate being in a coffee shop, library, or co-working space.

    The Zoom will be open for however long there are people. When I leave, I hand over the host to someone else, and so on, to keep the co-working office open as long as possible.

Course curriculum